Lots of time, effort and sleepless nights have gone into the production of the IslandsOnly website, and no doubt more of the
same will be called for in the future as the website is expanded and refined. Since the launch of the beta version of
www.islandsonly.com in late July of 2004 we have had an overwhelmingly positive initial response. We would like to thank all of
you who have taken the time to send us your comments in the last few months.

Again a great many people were involved in the creation of this website - from the initial design phase, through website design
and construction, to copy writing, quality control and technical support. The instrumental people involved as follows:


Concept & Design Contributors:


Switch Design Group were responsible for the interpretation and execution of the brief to develop the IslandsOnly corporate identity, 'look & feel' and the initial web designs. Many thanks to the entire Switch team and in particular Brent Campbell (Creative Director), Claire Baddeley, our long suffering Account Manager and design wizard, Pierre Smith.


The initial web designs were then further refined, expanded upon and ultimatley
developed into the functional website you are looking at by Digital Map Studio in
Johannesburg, South Africa. Post-production management, future expansion projects,
website hosting and url management remain the responsibility of the DMS website
development team.

Email: info@digitalmapstudio.com


Content Contributors:


The Seychelles Tourism Marketing Association for their ongoing advice and support
of our developing Seychelles programme, and in particular to Jenny Kearney and
her team at the STMA offices in Johannesburg.

Editorial Contributors:

"We are delighted to have Fiona McIntosh as an contributor to IslandsOnly. She has extensive knowledge and experience on the islands and we hope you enjoy her editorial on the Seychelles. Fiona is the editor of the Out There Adventure Guide, the Out There Travel Guide and Divestyle Magazine. Her book projects have included Seven Days in Mauritius, the Table Mountain Activity Guide and the Indian Ocean Island chapters of Diving the World’s Coral Reefs and Top Islands of the World."

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