The climate is always tropical and pleasant but there are two seasons: a drier season between May and October when the south east trade winds blow and a wetter, more humid season between November and April.

Averages mean little, but for what they are worth the average maximum temperature is 29 degrees C, and the average minimum is 24 degrees. In other words it never gets cold on the islands but the moderating influence of the Indian Ocean means that it never gets too hot either. It rains quite a lot - you should be prepared for heavy showers at any time of year - and as a result the humidity is always quite high, averaging 80%. Mahé, Praslin and Silhouette have significant peaks so have higher rainfall than the smaller islands – and the mountains are often engulfed by a cool, wet mist.

Seychelles lies outside the cyclone belt so is it’s a year round destination but strong winds and choppy seas can be expected between July and October and in January/February.


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