Some two thousand fish species, representing over 80% of the families of the Indo-Pacific region, occur here. Among the archipelago's most interesting creatures is the whale shark - the largest fish in the world. It owes its name to its enormous size and attains lengths up to 17m. The warm waters of the archipelago provide some outstanding game fishing, surfcasting and saltwater fly-fishing.

All licensed operators with in the Marine National Park adhere to a strict ‘catch and release’ policy.



Game Fishing

Marlin: The Bazaruto Archipelago is ranked as the best marlin-angling destination in the Indian Ocean. The All Africa record for black marlin (590kg/1,298 lb) was landed in these waters in November 1998 while the average weight is 350kg/770lb. A 5.3 kg/11,6lb garfish - a pending world record - was hooked in December 2003.
Best Months: October - March.

Sailfish: The average weight for sailfish is 32 kg/70.4lb while the record in these waters is 59.9kg/118.5lb.
Best Months: May - September, abundant in July and August.

Other species to challenge are: several tuna species, wahoo, prodigal son, yellow fin, skipjack, dorado, giant kingfish, barracuda, king and queen mackerel.
Best Months: April - August.

Surfcasting: Queenfish, springer, bonita, barracuda, stumpnose, pompano, skates, rays, sharks and bonefish in excess of 20kg/44lb (reputedly the largest in the world) and giant kingfish are eagerly sought after. Best locations are at North and South Point on incoming and outgoing tides.
Best Months: September - July

Saltwater Fly-Fishing

Catches include queenfish of up to 13kg/28.6lb, ladyfish of over 8kg/17.6lb, bonefish, pompano and several kingfish species. King and queen mackerel of up to 10kg/22lb and giant ingnoblis in excess of 20kg/44lb have been caught on fly. Fly-fishing at Kingfish Alley - the narrow channels between Bazaruto and Benguerra, and Benguerra and Magaruque Island is unsurpassed. Five and Six Mile Reefs are ideal spots for offshore fly-fishing.
Best Months: March - July.

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