The warm tropical waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago are home to a stunning variety of fish, coral, marine mammals and other fauna and flora. Some of the best dive locations include House Reef, Two-Mile Reef, Aquarium, Five Mile Reef, Magaruque Island, Deep Hole, Bazaruto North Point, Light House Reef & Turtle Reef, Carbo San Sebastao, Magaruque Express...



House Reef is situated approximately three kilometres of the southwest coast of Benguerra Island. This is a popular reef and used by Marlin Lodge for some of the resort courses that they run.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 8 to 12 m

Two-Mile Reef is situated of the northwest point of Benguerra Island, not far from the channel between Benguerra and Bazaruto islands.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 12 to 22m

Aquarium is a pool within Two Mile Reef that is home to an impressive variety of fish and spectacular hard and soft coral. This is one of the best snorkelling spots along the Mozambique coast.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 5 to 7m

Five Mile Reef is located off the west coast of Bazaruto Island. This site is dived at low tide only
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 8 to 20m

Magaruque Island, located south of Benguerra Island almost due west of the mainland town of Vilanculos is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 12 to 16m

Deep Hole is located off the east coast of Benguerra Island and is a fine spot for barracuda and stumpnose.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 28m

Bazaruto North Point, with 37 kilometres of reef, this island has several excellent diving sites.
Duration: Four hours
Depth: 8 to 20m

Light House Reef & Turtle Reef are located off the northern coast of Bazaruto Island. Large potholes have eroded into the rock shelves of Light House Reef.
Duration: Full day, two dives
Depth: 12 - 25m

Carbo San Sebastao, a rocky reef just off the Benguerra Island’s southern tip, is a great spot for moray eels, manta rays and whale sharks sightings. This reef offers the best diving areas in the vicinity and is a deep diver's dream! There is also a huge reef allowing for shallow diving.
Duration: Full day
Depth: (Two dives) 20 to 30m and/or 8 to 18m

Magaruque Express is a drift dive with mild to strong currents.
Duration: Two hours
Depth: 12 - 16m

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