The Mozambique Islands, located in the warm Mozambique Current that flows down the East African coast, enjoy a subtropical climate that is typically warm and humid.

At a glance:
· The Mozambique islands enjoy a subequatorial climate.
· Hot summers – October to April – with average coastal temperatures
..of 30°C at midday
· Warm winters – April to September – with average coastal temperatures
..of 20°C to 30°C and tempered by sea breezes.
· Temperatures in the interior of the island are generally 3 to 5°C cooler
..than at the coast.
· The rainy season is from October to March with the possibility of stray
..cyclones in January and February.


· Summer - Average coastal temperatures varying between 25°C in the early mornings to the mid 30°C at midday. The hottest
..months are from January to March.
· Winter - Average coastal temperatures varying between 19°C in the early morning and 24°C at midday.
· Cooling sea breezes and trade winds relieve the humidity on the coastal areas throughout the year.

Tropical showers are more likely to occur between October and March. The south coast including Gaza and Inhambane provinces experiences average rainfall below 500mm per year.

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