There is a fair amount to see and do while on holiday in Mauritius so we’ve made your sightseeing a little easier by listing and describing our top 6 ‘must see’ spots. They include Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden, Domaine de l’Ylang Ylang, Ile aux Aigrettes, The Mahébourg Museum, Casela Bird Park, The Mauritius Glass Factory, The Botanical Gardens in Curepipe, and Trou aux Cerfs Crater.

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In the NORTH…
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Gardens, formerly known as the Royal Botanic Garden and more commonly referred to as the Pamplemousses, is one of the island’s most popular attractions. The garden covers 60 acres and is located just 11km north east of Port Louis. Most hotels offer tours to the garden. Have a chat with the concierge who will gladly make arrangements for you. Alternatively catch a bus from any one of the coastal towns in the North. They will drop you on the main road and the garden is a short five-minute walk away. The garden boasts an impressive array of 800 plant species, 80 of which are palms and 25 are indigenous to the Mascarene Islands. Highlights include the impressive giant water lilies, which only flower for two days a year - each day the flower is a different colour and emits a different fragrance.
Entrance fee: Free
A good map of the area or a guided tour will make the experience more worthwhile. Official guides – look for their badges – offer comprehensive and interesting tours at a cost of Rs50 per person and Rs40 per person for groups of more than four people.

In the EAST…
Domaine de l’Ylang Ylang is off the road to Domaine du Chasser. This estate is, not surprisingly, best known for its cultivation and production of Ylang Ylang essential oils and perfumes. Eucalyptus, lemon grass and other specialist crops are also grown for their essential oils. Well worth a visit.

In the SOUTH…
Ile aux Aigrettes is a nature reserve off the southeast coast of the island where the local wildlife foundation has set about replacing alien flora with indigenous varieties. For plant lovers this is a fascinating place to visit and there is a good chance of seeing the giant Aldabra tortoises.

The Mahébourg Naval & Historical Museum just outside the town of Mahébourg contains some great stories and relics of battles and shipwrecks off the coast of Mauritius. History and naval buffs will enjoy this journey into the island’s somewhat turbulent early history.

In the WEST…
Casela Bird Park is exactly that, a bird park, but it’s the number and variety of species, which make this an important and impressive stop for bird lovers. There are reported to be 150 different species and over 1500 birds in the park.

In the CENTRE…
The Mauritius Glass Factory and the Botanical Gardens in Curepipe, which are a considerably smaller version of the Pamplemousses, are both worth visiting if you are staying in the area. While you are in Curepipe take a trip up to the crater at Trou aux Cerfs, one of the supposedly extinct volcanoes on the island.

Port Louis is the best place to start your shopping excursion. The capital city has become something of a shopping Mecca with a host of special deals and duty free shops to choose from. The Caudan Waterfront complex offers an impressive array of shops including local arts and crafts, imported and locally manufactured carpets, textiles, genuine and not-so-genuine designer clothes, the latest electronic goods and duty free jewellery.

The duty free shops will invariably require proof that you are a visitor and will ask for your passport and return air ticket.

Don’t be afraid to bargain if you feel that the price on an item you like is too high. That said, you are more likely to negotiate a discount on unmarked goods than those with price tags.

Once you have an idea of what’s on offer, the markets are a great place to look for better deals. They provide a far better sense of Mauritian culture than one is likely to experience in Port Louis or at the large resorts.

The markets are held in Port Louis, Mahébourg, Centre de Flacq, Curepipe and one or two smaller villages.

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