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Visa Requirements
· European passport holders do not require visas.
· South African passport holders do not require visas.
· Passports should be valid for at least six months from date of departure from Mauritius.

Diplomatic Representatives in Mauritius:


· South Africa High Commission
4th Floor, British American Insurance Building,
25 Pope Hennessy Street,
Port Louis
Tel: + 230 212-6925/6/8/9
Fax: + 230 212-9346

· British High Commission
7th Floor, Les Cascades Building,
Edith Cavell Street,
Port Louis
Tel: + 230 208-9850
Fax: + 230 211-1369

· USA Embassy
4th Floor, Rogers House,
John Kennedy Street,
Port Louis
Tel: + 230 208-2347
Fax: + 230 208-9534

Health Considerations
· Before undertaking any travel all clients are encouraged to consult with their GP and/or local travel clinic for the most
..up-to-date health information on the destinations they are travelling to.
· Visitors to Mauritius who have passed through Yellow Fever infected areas (e.g. Tanzania or Kenya) will be required to
..provide proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination before entering Mauritius.

Travel Insurance

· When travelling internationally it is important to ensure that a Travel Insurance Policy appropriately covers you against
..any unforeseen eventualities.
· Your insurance broker or provider will offer the necessary advice on specific travel insurance policies.
· Travellers from South Africa can go to the IslandsOnly Travel Shop (need link) for more details of tailor made travel policies.

Departure Taxes

· All departure taxes are included the price of your airline ticket. There are no additional taxes to be paid in Mauritius.

The independent state of Mauritius comprises the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and dependencies.

Located in the southwestern Indian Ocean between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn.

· Part of the Mascarene Archipelago the island of Mauritius covers an area of 1,864km². However, the total area
..including dependencies is 2,045km².
· Mauritius is a mountainous country with an elevated and impressive central plateau.
· The island is 65km long and 45km wide.

The Arabs and the Portuguese first discovered the island. The Dutch first settled there in 1598 before it was claimed by the French in 1715 and named Ile de France. It was a British Colony until 1968 when it became an independent member of the Commonwealth before becoming a republic in 1992.

A parliamentary democracy based on the English Westminster model. The president is head of state but the prime minister and cabinet have the constitutional authority.

1,206,000 people, most of which are of Indian, African, European and Chinese origin.

The official language is English but Creole is the most widely used. French, Hind, Tamil and Chinese are the most widely spoken alternative languages.

Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the most widely practised, along with Confucianism and Buddhism.

Based heavily on industrial and agricultural exports, tourism and a rapidly growing financial services sector.

The Mauritian rupee (Rs) is divided into 100 cents (cs)

Weights and measures:
The metric system is used (officially introduced in 1985)

Hot summers – November to April – with average coastal temperatures of 30°C at midday.
Warm winters – May to October – with average coastal temperatures of 24°C at midday.
Temperatures in the interior of the island are generally 3 to 5°C cooler than at the coast.
The rainy season is from January to May with the possibility of stray cyclones between January and March.

GMT +4

220 volts

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