Kayak Trips are an exciting part of any trip to Domwe and Mumbo Islands. Not only are you invited to kayak out to the islands when you arrive, but there is no better way to explore the islands than by boat. All the kayaks are sturdy, well maintained and safe, therefore no experience is required to paddle them.

Sunset Cruises are very popular at Kaya Mawa Lodge on Likoma Island. Sipping an ice-cold drink as one glides over tranquil, blue water in a wooden skip takes a lot of beating.



Excursions to Mozambique are arranged from Kaya Mawa Lodge on Likoma Island. Longer trips by motor or sailing boat to the wonderful beaches on the Mozambique shoreline can be arranged as well as overnight trips to Nkwichi Lodge and the Manda Wilderness area.

Walking or biking around Likoma Island
This is one activity you simply should not miss. Likoma is completely safe and the local folk are known for their friendliness and simple curiosity. An unescorted stroll around the island, perhaps with a knapsack filled with cold drinks and a few snacks, is a wonderful experience. Stop off for a swim en route, engage the locals in conversation, and don’t forget to visit the impressive Cathedral of St Peter and the lively market nearby.

One of the highlights of any trip to Malawi is what we refer to as the Lake Malawi Explorer! This unique itinerary starts with three nights at either Domwe or Mumbo Island camps, followed by a two night, 250km sail up the lake on the catamaran ‘Mufusa’. Finally, one spends two nights at the luxury Kaya Mawa Lodge on Likoma Island before flying home.

With over 600 species of fish in the lake, many of which are endemic, it’s not surprising that Lake Malawi has some fine fishing spots. However, due to over-fishing in some areas and the enormous demand for cichlid fish in aquariums around the world, stocks have been severely depleted. There are programmes in place to manage the volume and size of fish caught for food and trade and we encourage visitors to come and see rather than catch.

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