GoSOLO! is a unique IslandsOnly programme designed specifically for independent and single travellers to the Islands.

We recognise that some of you may prefer to travel alone or independently and don’t necessarily want to travel with other people, whether you like them or not!

Similarly we also know that there are many single folk who would prefer to travel with other likeminded people.

GoSOLO! endeavours to address both these needs by designing specific travel packages to cater specifically for you.

The first hurdle independent travellers face is one of cost! It might seam that every hotel on the planet discriminates against you by levying a ‘single surcharge’, which can be as high a 100% more than a twin or double rate. Your consultant at IslandsOnly will endeavour to have these surcharges waived, or at the very least, reduced!

Watch this space for tailor-made GoSOLO! Tours to our various island destinations throughout the Indian Ocean.



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