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Fundu Lagoon


Pemba Island, northeast of Zanzibar


Had Robinson Crusoe been a yuppie, Fundu Lagoon is the sort of place he would have created! Described as ‘safari-chic’ by more than one visitor, Fundu Lagoon is a luxury castaway island located on a remote beach. It whispers romance, style and rustic sophistication...

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Mnemba Island Lodge


Mnemba Island, northeast of Zanzibar


Described as blissfully sublime and frequented by many a celebrity! Mnemba is an exclusive, privately owned island encircled by a sandy white beach and surrounded by a dazzling turquoise ocean. A perfect place to step out of the world and live a castaway fantasy...

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La Gemma Dell' Est


Zanzibar North East Coast


The hotel is based on a modern European style and it is by far the largest in Zanzibar. This would explain why guests are transported in golf carts in and around the resort! The beauty of this side of the island is that it is not as affected by the tidal fluctuations so you are able to swim in low and high tide...

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The Palms


Zanzibar East Coast


The Palms is a luxury resort situated along an unspoiled white beach on the East Coast of Zanzibar. The hotel is family owned and the hosts have thought of everything to make their guests’ stay exceptional.

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