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Indigo Bay Island Resort


South western shore of Bazaruto Island


Indigo Bay Island Resort, or just Indigo Bay for short, is undoubtedly the finest destinations on the African coast. Besides its spectacular setting, the resort offers a choice of luxury accommodation from Beach Chalets and Bay View Rooms to the stunning Presidential and Matemo Suites...

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Matemo Island Resort


Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique


Matemo Island is 8 kilometres in length and 3 kilometres wide. An unspoilt, unexplored island paradise, with beautiful private white beaches and countless coves to be discovered. A blissful hideaway destination...!

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Medjumbe Island Resort


Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique


Medjumbe Island is 800 metres in length and 350 metres wide. Aside from being a small quaint island with loads of privacy the resort itself is magnificent. When shall we send you?

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Bazaruto Island Lodge


North coast of Bazaruto Island


Bazaruto Island Lodge is the kind of place you might expect to find Robinson Crusoe and family living. It is about as close to the ideal African island paradise as you are likely to get. The lodge is one of only of two on the entire island, which has been declared a Nature Reserve...

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Benguerra Island Lodge


Western shore of Benguerra Island


Like the three other lodges that we feature in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra Lodge is a special place. Not only is it one original lodges in the archipelago but it also boasts a proud history of sustained eco-tourism development in the region as a whole and on Benguerra Island in particular...

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Marlin Lodge


South western shore of Benguerra Island


Marlin Lodge is a very special place. Firstly because it has been cleverly designed to blend exquisitely and luxuriously with the environment, and secondly there’s no escaping the age-old rhythms of Africa and the heady sense of history that the lodge evokes...

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Pemba Beach Hotel


Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique


Nestled among magnificent palm trees and lush gardens, this deluxe hotel offers more than just a glimpse into the Portuguese colonial and Arabian trader history. Breathtaking coral reefs just off the coastline beckon any avid snorkeller or diver...

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